The fluffy and soft shape of the puffs brings a relaxed experience to a variety of working space.


Instead of letting "space" work with working mode, it creates "space" based on working demand.


Work + Frank (straightforward, no worries, not pretentious) = Work Fran Working pleasantly without any worries, so we can have the "innovation" for the future.


The sleek and foldable desk, the aluminum table legs with wheels are smooth and beautiful with an ultra-thin table, which is light and easy to retract.


Innovative design, convenient and practical functions make this high-quality elegant conference table.


Novel design ideas, unique innovative experience, unique splicing fun, suitable for a variety of occasions and environments. Let the enjoyment of life and the feeling of comfortable sitting get coexistence and sublimation on a sofa stool.


DD series is a modern conference system which can meet the needs of various tasks.The avant-garde overall design, a variety of optional desktop shapes and sizes, rich hidden wiring, with the beautiful shape and excellent texture of A-shaped die-casting table foot design, make DD table can provide perfect solutions for all kinds of meeting, training, communication and negotiation space.


GA armchairs are comfortable, durable and beautiful in design, which makes it easy to fit into any environment. The designer focuses on the natural shape, simple line and comfort, and creates a small armchair with outstanding personality. It is like sitting in GA armchair, as if in a warm arms.


YOUR LITTLE RETREAT The MZ Chair creates a soothing feeling of relaxation and harmony, softness and safety. Just like a flower opens its petals in the morning and stretches toward the sun, embraces you as you lean back in it, gently yet protectively.


Simple and elegant lines, steady and beautiful, give space elegant air permeability;The organic proportion of minimalist design and steel wood structure brings super large space under the table; the visual feeling of air permeability and unobstructed makes the space elegant and flexible.