The healthy and efficient office mode should be that standing and sitting posture can be freely switched, and communication and cooperation can happen anytime and anywhere. Hat-ksa is a set of intelligent lifting table group system integrated with modern aesthetics and designed for healthy office. It can keep users away from sedentary hazards and achieve ergonomic health balance.

Free switching between sitting and standing, enjoying healthy dynamic office.

Hat-ksa lifting table system can flexibly switch between sitting position and standing position according to different height and actual use requirements, which is conducive to the adjustment of physical and mental health and emotional state of users, and is also conducive to the improvement of work efficiency.

Flexible lifting, matching people of different heights.

The three section lifting system can realize the height of 650mm-1290mm at random, so that people of different heights can find their own comfortable standing height. At the same time, it also supports multi file height storage, one key setting and memory of your sitting and standing habits.