The fluffy and soft shape of the puffs brings a relaxed experience to a variety of working space.

Created for Various Office Space

With a soft curved surface, Puff delivers fun and ease. As a collaborative series that is constantly changing in open communication and focused thinking, Puff is designed with sofas and screens, with options from individual to group, open-to-private, short-stool coffee tables, and electrical appliances to meet different demands.

A Corner for Meditation

When you are concentrating on your work, you can take a sofa with a portable small round coffee table; you can also enjoy yourself, hiding in the high-back sofa with a notebook, putting on headphones, coffee, and finding answers with free thinking.

Inspiration Trigger

Creativity is born from communication and display. The four- or six-seat semi-enclosed sofa space includes a comfortable chairs, table sets and electrical screen hangers, allowing communication, brainstorming and coordination without restrictions in time and space.

A Living Room in the Office

The combination of sofa and coffee table not only provides a variety of coordinating options, but also provides hospitality for the executive office. Comfortable sitting, stylish and modern shape, enhancing the overall beauty of the space.

Comprehensive Options Create A Variety of Applications

With movable stools, shelves and pendants for high-back sofas, and a variety of portable coffee tables, Puff Series can easily create open or private space for communication.