Work + Frank (straightforward, no worries, not pretentious) = Work Fran
Working pleasantly without any worries, so we can have the “innovation” for the future.

Covo, the “Hidden Garden” in The Office

Everyone wants to stay alone occasionally without talking to anybody. COVO is equipped with tables, cable trays and storage cabinets, which creates space for you to deal with such situation. High screen shades visual field and surrounding noise, so you can stay focused and work quietly.

Pietra, Mobile Genius in Office Space

A place where people can communicate at will is an indispensable part of office space. Pietra creates visual levels with leisure stools, and a combination of different colors promotes idea exchanges and communication.

Fion, Improving Creative Thinking in A Relaxed Space

The spacious and soft seating space makes people relaxed and creates the third space of the office, cozy like home and coffee shop.

Sofa, create a living room like leisure atmosphere.

Soft texture, a variety of color options, one specification of sofa can have two-color combination.