Instead of letting "space" work with working mode, it creates "space" based on working demand.

Concentrate or Collaborate, Work Status Changes on Demand

Do you prefer to work alone or a team brainstorm; do you like a private conversation or inspiration spark from discussion? iDon can be created according to various working modes to bring out most efficient layout.

Face to face communication promotes understanding in any era. Topics, thinking and the right space for participants are the most important elements.  Right place is important for not only maintaining concentration, but also improving work quality. iDon can quickly create a variety of combinations thus to create suitable working spaces.

Do you want to think alone; a quick brainstorm with the team; or an in-depth communication with a small group; or relatively closed or comfortable space to get focused? iDon is the best solution to these problems with its appropriate sofa back, to achieve focused private meditation or semi-private discussion.