SE chair is an office chair with both internal and external considerations. It integrates thoughtful design, fashionable appearance, excellent comfort and Forma5’s world-class ergonomics technology, which is suitable for all kinds of body types and working modes.


Forma5 is a leading company in the field of office furniture and chairs since its inception over 35 years ago.
In the rapidly changing and competitive market, forma5 is always determined to meet the ever-changing demands of customers in ergonomics and aesthetics with high-quality materials and innovative technologies.

Science, Health, Comfort and Durability

Following the scientific shape design, Se chair is a high-performance office chair. Its international design integrates science, health, comfort and durability to provide users with the largest ergonomics.

From the supervisor’s desk to the workstation, then to the collaboration area or conference room, Se can switch freely in different office spaces, providing customers with more convenient choices.

The Comfort And Ergonomics Technically Solved In A Masterly Manner

The aesthetics supports ergonomics.
SE chair plays with soft shapes and sharp curves showing at a glance the comfort and ergonomics technically solved in a masterly manner.

Function and form come together in SE chair, high technical chair performance for operational and executive spaces. The dimensions of the back, the comfortable elastic mesh and the latest synchronized mechanisms make of SE chair one of the most comfortable chairs on the market in its intensive use.