To create beautiful, functional and practical office, the Ever Series is effectively adapted to the changing business demand.

Diversified Work Space

Ever desking supports different teams, suitable for both focused or collaborative office modes. It creates a healthier and more flexible office with different table accessories, in order to improve functional diversity and the user’s working demand.

Stable Triangle Structure

The triangular metal legs and brackets can support a variety of shapes, and the featured suspension structure gives expression to lightness.

Creating Streamlined Executive Space

With the simple and generous design, the executive desk is available with a range of options, matching the changing demand of modern office. The stand-alone table results in a cleaner and cozier space, freeing you from piled files and facilitate efficiency.

Ideal for Highly-efficient Business Meetings

Conference desking is available with a variety of specifications. It is ideal for both formal conferences as well as small meetings. The design is smooth and streamlined with appropriate wiring system.