It emphasizes more on comfort, freedom and flexibility with the pursuit of trendy taste. Streamlined outline and multi-component design result in a magic reaction between color and metal as well as visual and mind pleasure.

Suitable for ABW Working Mode

ABW is abbreviated from Activity Based Working. As a solution to improve the efficiency of office space, ABW aims to increase productivity by facilitating interaction and communication through a multi-working mode based on flexibility. It focuses on employee comfort as well as cost effective space utilization.

Mobile Office is Popular

With the popularity of internet, working space is not restricted by time and space, and an office without individual seats has become a trend. Employees can choose their desirable places according to job types and communication preferences.

Love Communicating, Ideal for Sharing

A Blend of Rational Function Structure and Personal Beauty

Newer work system is designed to balance personal focus and teamwork, and is a combination of configurations that promotes increasingly close interaction and collaboration in the workplace .It creates a beautiful and practical office to evolve with you as your business changes.

Modular Design, Creation of Ideal Office Space

“门”shaped and A-shaped legs, steady triangle metal support.Central wiring system is adopted as the primary frame which avoid many inconvenience of traditional tables which have a number of beams.

Unique Stable Structure, Diversified Shapes

Newer’s breakthrough beam design achieves an extremely stable structure, and the diversified modular frame can be changed into a variety of shapes such as workbench, conference table and bar, etc. Maintaining diversified work is essential for current office space.