The ergonomic chair with high appearance value can reflect the most fashionable office trend. DT chair combines the function and material innovation, has a sense of design, durable, comfortable and easy to assemble, which reflects the innovative thinking and superb skills of the current office chair design.


Forma5 is a leading company in the field of office furniture and chairs since its inception over 35 years ago.
In the rapidly changing and competitive market, forma5 is always determined to meet the ever-changing demands of customers in ergonomics and aesthetics with high-quality materials and innovative technologies.

Innovative System

DT chair offers an innovative system that combines the use of highly resistant and flexible materials that join to the seat by means of a single anchor point, allowing a flexible torsion in the upper part of the back while maintaining a firm grip on the waist. It is, in short, a chair that guarantee healthy freedom of movement.

The combination of design, dynamism and comfort make DT a chair that can integrate into a wide variety of uses, individual offices and in open spaces.

Based on science,durable and elegant design.

A chair that guarantees healthy freedom of movement.
Made of a highly flexible material, DT chair is recommended for those tasks involving prolonged sitting.

Based on science,durable and elegant design. DT is a high-performance office chair, which combines health and comfort based on science with durable and international design.