What problems should a set of screen system solve for the office?

Witnessing Outstanding Changes in Simple Design

The N246 returns to the design origin and sets a scene for meditation. 2cm division, 4cm functional elements with 6cm almighty structure. Comprehensive design meet all your demands. Functional design focuses on application and decoration pays attention to experience.

All-round Equipment for Modern Space System

The N246 series is made of environmental-friendly materials, which are fully recyclable. The highest efficiency is resulted from the least amount of materials. The entire series is integrated and the system structure is comprehensive and flexible, creating a multi-functional space. A simple and natural appearance contains a changeable inner space.

Creating Innovative Office

N246 takes a streamlined structure and a wide range of accessories for its display and storage, to create a variety of space layout through vertical and horizontal hanging structures. System functions change according to ideas and requirements, changing at your will.

Materials Change Space Style

The N246 series is available in a variety of materials and colors, so that different thickness, materials and colors can match space design or functional requirements. The ever-changing combination of ideas give new experience to the workers in each position.