The ergonomic chair with high appearance value can reflect the most fashionable office trend. DT chair combines the function and material innovation, has a sense of design, durable, comfortable and easy to assemble, which reflects the innovative thinking and superb skills of the current office chair design.


The design concept of NB chair is clear and clear. It is committed to make the user feel comfortable and comfortable sitting experience with a simple and clean appearance and simple and portable operation mode.


SE chair is an office chair with both internal and external considerations. It integrates thoughtful design, fashionable appearance, excellent comfort and Forma5's world-class ergonomics technology, which is suitable for all kinds of body types and working modes.

Flip Flap

The idea for the Flip Flap Chair came from origami (origami is the Japanese word for paper folding). The way the chair folds and bends in three dimensions matches the movements of the body, supporting it in every work situation.


The significance behind Spina, which means “spine”, is its functionality in supporting and nestling the back. Spina, a new type of chair that is a fusion of Eastern spirit and innovation.


A design for showing hospitality, with both gentleness and beauty.


A Task chair designed for "Simple", "High Quality" and "Useful". Vento chair brings harmony to office space, comfort to people.


Royal chair, noble, high quality and streamlined, helping create a generous modern layout.


The Fit = Laf it Design · Aesthetics · Human It is a perfect interpretation of the ergonomic design, and better support various postures at work.


Perfect shape brings grace and excellence.